White Hall Lane


Whitehall Lane is a family owned winery based in Napa California. They grow all of their own grapes for their wine, and are centrally located in one of the most famous wine regions in the world. Whitehall wanted a brand video that communicated exactly what made them stand apart from other wineries.



LensFire traveled to Napa Valley with a director of photography, 2 assistant camera operators, an audio engineer, and a production coordinator to capture interviews with working family members, the wine making processes, and the beautiful grounds surrounding Whitehall Lane. Our goal was to show how much care and thought come from the family go into every aspect of their winemaking.



This project was to much fun for our crew to execute. We spent two days filming in Napa, and would have happily spent several more. There was really beauty in every direction. It wasn’t hard at all to capture the magic in wine country.


Client: White Hall Lane Winery

Production Company: Lens Fire Films