Show the variety and impact of USAID programs and efforts globally. USAID is the second largest government agency in the United States and nobody knows what they do. Goal was to create awareness to what is being done internationally in the name of America on a positive term that doesn’t center around conflict but on development and partnership with nations international.


We set out with a small documentary crew to document over 30 projects US AID was involved in with the focus on trying to capture the humanity of the people involved in these projects and document them not as people that were taking handouts but documenting their dignity. Not handouts but rather people that are allowed to engage and progress in their communities because of the opportunities that US AID is providing. “Capture hope and not sadness”

Reflection / Result

The film that introduced Hilary Clinton at the 2014 Global Development Summit. After watching it, she exclaimed that the film showed, “True human dignity.”


Client: USAID

Production Company: Lens Fire Films

Director: Bryan Rawles

Director of Photography: Toby Thiermann