O’Neill—2019 Wetsuit and Board Short Campaign


O’Neill is the market leader in wetsuit technology, the Hyperfreak was voted 2019 wetsuit of the year (Cleanline Surf Co.). O’Neill tasked Lens Fire Films with the creation of historical gallery/perspective on their involvement in the history of surfing, and how Jack O’Neill’s invention of the wetsuit has changed people’s ability to stay in the water longer and also the sport itself. Essentially, our goal was to create the O’Neill 2019 video commercial catalog while integrating Jack O’Neill’s Legacy of innovation in the surf industry.


We designed and created a set that showcased a historical gallery of innovation which transported O’Neill team rider, Jordy Smith, and viewers back to the creation of the wetsuit and the significance of Jack’s actions. Our work resulted in more than 19 film segments ranging from 25-180 seconds, which also included animations detailing the technology behind O’Neills groundbreaking TB3 foam on the macro and cellular level.


Our content has been featured throughout the surf industry, (Surfer Magazine, Surfline, O’Neill.com), and widespread across social media platforms. We delivered a comprehensive package of content for O’Neill.


Client: O’Neill

Production Company: Lens Fire Films

Director: Andy Hofman

Director of Photography: Toby Thiermann