Clayton’s Hot Rod


California street art and action sports culture gleam their identity from their inner woven nature. This film  explores the connectivity between classic car art, skateboarding, and surfing; and how it’s shaped the identity of those who live it.



We set out to make this film as kinetic and present as possible. That required being able to capture these cars at full speed, on shut-down airport runways, and in vacant warehouse lots. We used a flow cine black arm rigged to a beamer for the car-to-car sequences. The flexibility of the Astera Pixeltubes colored our garage sequences. Our hood-mounted DJI Ronin-2 allowed us to shoot an unconventional interview in the front seat of a moving classic car between legendary skater, Jason Jessee, and our film’s main subject, Clayton.



Filmmaking for the sake of creative capture fuels our team with inspiration. Our main takeaway from this project is that we’d love to create more content on artists crafting their pieces in unique places.


Client: Clayton’s Hot Rods

Production Company: Lens Fire Films

Director: Bryan Rawles

Director of Photography: Toby Thiermann

Assistant Camera: Nick Alheit

Camera Vehicle: Philip Lima