Tell the BVNDI story about the passion to create and better equip oneself while living an active and adventurous lifestyle. This required Lens Fire films to take a look at the process of creating a boutique fashion line. We approached this by diving into the relationship between the two founders, their ideas, their execution, and the result.


We wanted to create an experience for the viewer that replicated the types of environments and activities that the product best functioned in. We displayed a range of functionality that the product worked in and also a range of in-functionality. We kept the experience lensed with motion and positivity, and always kept the camera moving.


Our end result, was a commercial spot highlighting the BVNDI founders’ story and their 2018 product line. It boosted awareness for the product, as well as, resulted of placement in various California and New York outlets.


Client: BVNDI

Production Company: Lens Fire Films