Adventure Continues—Steven Spielberg & John Williams


Capture the passion and commitment to the craft of filmmaking that is shared by Composer John Willams and Director Steven Spielberg.

Sony Music, in partnership with Steven Spielberg and John William, created a 3-CD box set their collaborative work done in their 34-year career together. Sony music reached out to Nedland media and Lens Fire Films to capture this moment in time and to create a 22 minute documentary about one of the most impactful relationships in cinematic history.


Lens Fire Films documented the scoring at Royce Hall in Los Angeles. We also filmed interviews with John and Steven where we were able to capture the legacy of their relationship and work.


A 23-minute documentary highlighting the 32 year relationship of two of the most influential individuals in cinema. John Willam’s career long agent claimed that it, “…was the best piece, ever done on John.” The documentary was included in the CD box set and distributed internationally.


Director: Laurent Bouzereau