Script to Screen

Lens Fire Creative is a full service creative agency located in Santa Cruz, CA, servicing brands globally. Our team specializes in bringing our backgrounds in cinema, marketing, and branding together to help your company execute its creative vision. We’re ready to bring your brand story to life to create videos that help you stand apart.

An Unapologetic perspective...


On our journeys, we have crashed through the ice in a nuclear submarine at the North Pole, disarmed land mines in Cambodia and brought relief to typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines. We thrive from documenting the intensity and passion that can be found all around us and we bring that conviction to all of our work.

visual artists

We love the gear we get to work with. We pull from a fully-stocked equipment cage of 8K and large-format cameras, stabilization rigs, drones, dollies and underwater housings. We specialize in bringing the cutting edge of cinema technology to remote and difficult environments, and ensure an eye-catching visual product to match your story.

Our CLients Love Us

The thing I like most about working with the crew at LensFire is that whenever I present them with a new or unorthodox challenge, they always seem to already have the answer... like they've previously thought about that particular situation and have spent the time to figure it out. Whether the problem is technical or creative, they are savvy, innovative, and committed to executing the project in the most effective way possible.
Andy Hoffman
Director, Bombora Films